Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Name Game...

It's early, but I'm so excited. My dear friend and next-door neighbor is in labor so I'm over waiting with her kids (who are still sleeping and oblivious that their dear, sweet mamma is in labor!)

Which brings me to a discussion we had at work the other day about names. My friend at work's baby girl's name is the same as the middle name we're using for my Jessica (Afton is the name). He has some hilarious stories about how his in-laws completely freaked about the name and would only refer to her as "Baby Girl" for some time because they hated the name and would rant and rave about how they should have had "voting rights on the baby's name" as the child's grandparents.

One of my favorite kid name stories involves a family that I met several years ago when I was living in Southeast Florida. The woman had twin girls she had named Shaquir (pronounced "sha-keer") and Shaquira. She would get so annoyed when people would say, 'Why did you give them the same name?" I remember her saying, 'Can't they hear the difference? Shaquir... Shaquira... they're totally different."

That reminded me of a story that one of my coworker's told me some years ago. She was telling me that she was outside in her yard talking with her neighbor. The neighbor was a young woman who was expecting her first child. My coworker asked her if they'd picked a name for the baby.

The young neighbor replied, "Yes. We think we're going to name her 'Cinnamon'."

My coworker replied with, "So... are you going to teach her how to strip right away or wait until she's 18... how does that work, exactly?"

Not surprisingly, the neighbor baby did NOT end up with the name "Cinnamon".


David and Candice said...

I hope allgoes well for your neighbor. The name game is a hard process for some people my sister-inlaw and her husband our due in Nov. and you can't ask them baby names or they start arguing. see ya soon-Candice

Kristi said...

This has nothing to do with the name game but I was just showing my sweet Kobe the pictures of your adorable babies and he went crazy :-) I think he likes Jessica! He would point at your pictures and say "Papa Jessica" "Mama Nathan" -- really adorable!

Misty Fowler said...

LMAO. People I meet often insist that my name (Misty) isn't real, or that it's a stripper name.

Sally said...

I liked the name Tamsen for Miss Maren, and I knew two of them growing up, but Troy didn't, and thought it sounded like "tampon" so hence, she's miss Maren, which I also love. By the way, there were two Cinnamons in my graduating class. I love California. :) They were great girls, too. Very nice. Hadn't become strippers yet at all.

The Brown's said...

YEAH! for the "neighbor" :O) When we were having mckena we were looking for M names so we could comtinue with the P.A.M. My in-laws wanted me to name her Maggie after their favorite... DOG! Yes you read that right can you believe it? After a dog! WHATEVER! They were not there for conception, they dont get a vote:O)

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