Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Lions, and Tigers, and Bears....

This last weekend my company had a Family Zoo day. We stole our niece and made her act as our proxy child for the day. She had a great time. Here are a few shots:

A thought the giraffes were AWESOME....

She rode the carousel with Aunt Lori.

Rode the train - You can see this was the end of the day and we'd had a "diaper overflow" by this point. Yeah... we rock as parents!

And this was what she looked like about a minute and a half after we pulled out of the zoo parking lot. I think that means it was a great day!

That evening, we got together with some of Brent's best friends from high school. Can't believe it's been 20 years.

Can you tell which 3 were on the basketball team?

It was great to see the guys and their families. They had a great time playing basketball together. The part where the rim at the park was only 8' high didn't hurt at all either!

Fun day all around!


Pete and Mare said...

love the pics! looks like you guys had a fun time together. can't wait until you can take your whole family to the zoo. 20 years... pete's is in aug. ~Mare

geralyn said...

Looks like everyone had fun.

Kim said...

Your niece is SOOO cute! Of course I am not biased at all!

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