Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Uncle Nate, Jr

Nate remembers all sorts of things.  It's sometimes hard to keep up with his train of thought because he's remembering some random event from months ago.

The other night he asked me what "Jr." meant.  I asked him where he'd heard that.  He remembered that the mama elephant in "Dumbo" named the baby elephant "Jumbo Jr." (which it a name that lasts for about 2 seconds until the other elephants see his ears and change his name to "Dumbo").  We haven't seen that movie in a long time. 

I explained to him what it meant and he thought for a bit.

"So, my name Uncle Nate, Jr?"

Well, essentially, yes.  You're Uncle Nate and Daddy, Jr because you're named after both of them.  Way to make a connection, Baby Boy.

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