Monday, June 6, 2011

Comfort and Joy

Dear Sweetness,
Mama tells you your adoption story often. Right now you have no idea what I'm talking about but you can repeat all the parts. You know that Nathan "was born at Haiti" (that's how you say it) and you love to watch the little video clips we have of that first trip when Mama and Daddy fell head over heels for you.

Mama and Daddy soaked in everything about you that first trip. You'd think two people had never fallen in love with a baby before.

Mama took this picture when you reached out and grabbed Daddy's finger in your sleep.  It was so sweet, just like everything about you.

You love to know someone is there.

If Mama is holding you, you play with her hair.  If Daddy is by you, you like to hold his hand.

Mama took this picture while we were on Thomas the Train the other week.

You have always been a sweet, tender-hearted boy.

That is, after all, why Mama calls you "Sweetness".

I love you, Son.

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