Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Damn You, Dreamworks!

Nathan loves trains, elephants, whales and masha-tatoes.

He also loves dragons

He has a "Toothless" dragon that he loved to play with.

Until he left it out one day and Divot chewed the end of the tail off.

My sweet OCD son, who has to have things lined up and his toys clean, was heartbroken over the broken tail.

We explained that's what happens sometimes when you leave your toys out and that we couldn't fix it.

Daddy ended up putting the toy away for a few months.  Toothless recently emerged from the Toy Witness Protection Program, and Nathan has been having fun with him.

When he's not crying over his broken tail.

His language skills have improved since Toothless was originally broken.  After I explained to him (for the umpteenth time) that we couldn't fix it, he sobbed "but Hiccup fixed Toothless's tail!"


So that is how I found myself fashioning a dragon prosthetic out of felt and sewing it around Toothless's stump.

Nathan is thrilled.  He's even told the dragon, "We fixed you!"

Now I know what I'll feel like when he comes home from school and excitedly announces that he's going to be broccoli for the school play.....


The Ridgeways said...

Impressive mommy skills! Love the new tail!

Kylie said...

You realise the gift you have just given your son don't you - you just restored his faith in fairy tales. What a great Mum ;-)

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

Wow, that is are a dragon-fixing hero!

Bambi said...

This cracked me up !Good job on the tail and good luck with any future broccoli costumes that may be in your future :)

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