Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Nathan Needs Hugs

We did get actual update pictures of the kids this weekend. It's good to see that they look pretty healthy.

Jess is growing up!

Mr. Nathan always looks stressed and worried in these pictures.

Nathan is a sweet little soul. He'll be two on Thursday of this week (August 20th). I literally can't bear to think of everything we've lost and missed in his young life. We got his referral when he was a 6 week old baby and now he's a 2 year old boy and there's still no end to the timeline for when we'll get him home.

I've mentioned before that Nathan has to come get a hug every minute or so when we're there. I wanted to share this little clip with you so you can see that he's just THAT SWEET.

Yes, he knows how to hit. He's two years old and he lives in a 3-bedroom house with 68 other kids. (and no, that's not a typo. 3-bedroom house. 68 children.) You'd know how to hit as well. But watch the little snatches of his face you can glimpse as he runs back to play for another 40 seconds. He just needs to be loved and reassured and comforted. He's a happy, sweet, tender little guy.

This is just a little clip of the kids playing. It lasts about 2 minutes. You'll note that Nate comes in for a hug 3 times in that 2 minutes.

In the video, Jessica keeps repeating something over and over again. If anyone knows Kreyol and can tell me what on earth she's saying I'd love that! Nathan picks up on it and repeats it with her.

Brent took this video while I was in the shower, so you can see the kids banging on the bathroom door. Jess says something quite often that sounds like "Dada", but they don't use that word in Kreyol (they say "Papa"), so I'm not sure what it is she's saying.

My mom would say Nathan's a "tender-hearted pork-n-bean". Long story, but he is. He's just SWEET and gentle and needs to be loved.

I hope you're joining us in praying these government agencies in Haiti will stop creating roadblocks for these sweet babies and will process paperwork so my kids, and so many others, can finally come home to their forever families. There's really not much else we can do be pray and wait.


Bambi and Adam said...

Lots of hugs for Nathan and all the other children waiting :) He is so sweet ! I wonder if Jess is repeating another song or rhyme like the girls were doing at dinner ? Kids pounding on the door when mom is in the shower never ends:0 Glad to hear they are doing well !

Maggie said...

What sweet babies! Nathan will have plenty of hugs soon, and Jessica's talent for rhymes and singing will just grow!

Prayers for our children, for Lori and Brent, for all the babies in the O, and especially prayers for those who can make a difference in this situation!

Pete and Mare said...

Adorable! He is such a sweet little boy. Loved seeing them again. ~mare

Our little (fc)20 month baby girl is just like Nathan. She always needs a love.

geralyn said...

I am FAR from a Creole expert, but it sounded a bit to me like she was saying 'pataje' which is to share. What beautiful kids you have and how beautiful it would be if they could be home tomorrow. It totally sucks how long it takes to get our kids home.

David and Candice said...

They are so cute and look good. we keep praying for some change. we also want to scream that someone will change this process.-Candice

R AND R AND Z said...

Your kids look great.

mlg said...

Love Jessica's sweet voice, and they look good in the updates.

Perla said...

yes, i am praying with you that the paperwork will MOVE and that angels will surround your little ones in the meantime.

Brenda said...

I think of these two little people daily and pray always for a miracle that will allow to come home soon.

Andrew said...

Lori, I've been reading your blog for a long time, sorry never made a comment until now. Your kids are adorable, thanks for sharing your thoughts and life with us.

love, Chaoyi and Andrew

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