Monday, September 21, 2009

"...A Pocketful of Mumbles, Such Are Promises..."

I know... You thought I'd gone the way of all things.

You aren't that lucky.

We're still here - still kicking - we've just been sort of quiet about it which is unusual for us.

I've been afraid I'd exceed my lifetime quota of how many times I can blog about how much I miss my kids or how stinkin' sick I am of them still being stuck in an orphanage in Haiti. You have to pace yourself on these things, don't you know...Given that there isn't really an end in sight, I had to back off for a few weeks so that I could still blog between now and when they come home.

Or something like that.

We are going down to see them again on Oct 16th. This trip will be the longest we've had in duration - I think we have nearly 6 days there with them. It will also be our 6th trip in two very long years. Brent's mom is also going to go on this trip with us. We're very grateful she's willing to pay to see her grandkids and we're excited to have her with us.

So let's talk about something else, shall we?

We've recently been adopted by a little neighbor boy. Ironic, I know, but it's about time an adoption happened around here, I guess. B (as I'll call him) has decided we're his best friends - at least that's what he told me the other day. Sometime in August we were outside and B came by on his bike and said, "Will you be my friends?" The rest, as they say, is history. He comes over pretty much every day as soon as I come home from work and stays until we kick him out...I mean... walk him home. :)

B's a special little guy. He's 8, but he's got some learning disabilities and some severe speech issues. I'm learning how to speak his language pretty well and we usually understand each other. B's also very lonely. He doesn't really have friends his age and the school district has moved him to a different elementary school each of his 4 years thus far to shift the number of students in the special needs programs.

Because of B's speech issues he can't say a lot of letters so my name's pretty much shot. We were trying to practice saying it one night and B decided it was just too tough. With a big sigh he told me "I think I'll call you 'Mike.'"

So that's what he does. He calls me "Mike" or "Michael". Even my nickname has a nickname. He calls Brent "Bubba". So I'm sure his parents must be curious about who "Mike and Bubba" are, but what are you going to do.

I tell him he's an "old soul" because sometimes he just floors me with what he says. A few weeks ago he told me that he'd made a new friend that day so I asked him what his friend's name was. He said, "Hmm...Me can't memember. When me was six me could memember everything but now that me older...." (picture him shaking his head with that resigned expression you'd expect)

I asked him if that's what my problem was as well and he nodded and told me sincerely, "me thinks so".

Good to finally have that diagnosed.

The sad thing is that I think I needed something to mother as much as B needed a friend. We just kinda fit each other that way. I never guessed I'd have a little happy place where my name is "Mike" but that's how things have turned out for my little buddy, B and me.

So that's what's up at our house. We're busy with work, busy playing "put-pall" (football) catch with B, busy with church stuff, did I mention busy with work, and waiting.

Always waiting....


Perla said...

i'm sorry about the pain of waiting but i'm so glad to hear that the lord has blessed you (mike) with b. it sounds like he really needed a friend and i know you've got a lot of love to give. i wanted to cry thinking about b for some reason. maybe its because my oldest is almost 8 now and life can be tough on kids.

Chaoyi said...

beautifully written.
I am glad B and you have each other for now. The Lord does bless us in ways we don't expect. Kids are very wise indeed.

Bambi and Adam said...

Glad to hear from you :) Looking forward to meeting Brent's mom & seeing you guys soon !

Lisa said...

What a sweet gift you've been given with little B! There are SO many B's out there, I wish more of them could find their "Mike!"

I hope you have a wonderful trip w/ your children, can't wait to see the pictures! Grandma's heart is going to melt when she seems them!

Joe and Jill Wilkins said...

I wish I could say I can't truly "empathize" with your thoughts on this post... but sadly, I do. I am hurting and tired and growing older by the day due to this process. I pray for all of us; I pray you have strength today and that God lifts you up.

Jill, adopting Samuel

David and Candice said...

I know you both where blessed to find each other you could feel the love that he has for you guys the night we where over for the B.B.Q. I can not wait to meet Brent's mom she will fall in love with those cute kids:)-Candice

The Brown's said...

Mike I am glad to hear you are still alive and kicking!!!:) I have missed you my friend! I drove by your house the other day and saw B at your house. It makes my heart happy. He so NEEDS someone to love him and I am glad that he found you:)

leadatortilla said...

Well, Mike is definitely not the nickname I would have imagined for you! tee-hee... that's too cute. I hope all is well and I send hugs your way. Cole says HI and to tell you that he's playing with PB playdough and that you shouldn't touch the things without asking him first.... alrighty then!

Heather said...

From an old expert there is no limit to the amount of times you can say you are tired of waiting and you miss your babies. Also, if you happen to have run out of sympathetic listeners it works to have their pictures at the ready and to pounce on new people at grocery stores (where you are buying your 400th keg of ice cream to drown the sorrow). I am so happy you guys are still signed on for the same kids. I love B from a distance (I have a B living at my house and I think I am the luckiest mommy in the world). Plus Mike and Bubba, that's exactly what I thought when first meeting you...He's good! I am happy he found you. Heather

Susie said...

Oh! I hate the waiting game...I so know how you feel and the waiting can and does get to you. We just need to hold on to hope and know that someday it will be right. Hugs!


Lillian said...

Our nearly three years of waiting for our two from Haiti is just a memory for us...stay strong. The kids have given us all such joy. Deve is just starting kindergarten Lila is in preschool. Another child from his orphanage in Haiti goes to his new school! Thanks for sharing your B story, it warmed my heart! Lillian, Granny of Nine

Lillian said...

Brent & Lori, One more daughter is in Ft. Lauderdale as part of a presentation to Haitian officials to show them that Haitian children are thriving as US adoptees. I hope this helps make a difference with the wait time for adoptions. Lillian

Teri said...

B is so lucky to have found you! As the mom of children with special needs, they can never get too much love and attention. Heavenly Father blesses our lives in ways we just don't expect. He is a blessing to you and you are a blessing to him. What a beautiful miracle.

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