Monday, July 20, 2009

Fear Not To Do Good

For nearly 20 years, I have had a dear friend named, T. She is completely fabulous. She'll take random road trips with you and she doesn't even drive off the road when you get a little exuberant about reading the roadsigns. (But come on... which is more fun? a) reading the sign says Lookout Mountain or b) yelling "Lookout! Mountain!". I rest my case.)

We've taken air trips as well. We spent September 11, 2000 exploring the Twin Towers. I'm always where I need to be when I'm with T. A year later for that trip and.... you know the rest.

It was T that talked me into asking out my sweet Brent. I was a bit shy and unsure of myself. She bouyed me up.

T went with us on this last trip to Haiti. She said she needed some time away to forget about her own worries and just be somewhere that she could do "something that mattered." She wanted an opportunity to serve.

She'd planned some things for the orphanage - brought down a bear for every child, had some fun fans that also squirt water that they could play with, created a big beautiful map to show all the people around America that love the children in that orphanage. She got to see how the orphanage is. She got to see what Haiti is like - to feel the tension in the air as the people were demonstrating right outside our hotel. She didn't get to smell what Haiti is like but I don't think she feels sad about that one!

She also found someone she was missing... someone who was missing her... She found that she was led to Haiti so that she and this little guy could start the process to become a family. He'll be her little boy and she'll be his "Mama". I'm so thrilled for her, and for Ollie. I'm thrilled that the Lord has answered her prayers and that she is joyful again.
She said it much better than I did, so I'll direct those of you that know her to check it out here.

Welcome to the family, Ollie! I can't wait to see you and your momma together again soon!

She's thinking about you and praying for you every day. The labor of adoption has its own intensity.

We love you, T, and are so proud of you. You will be an excellent momma!


Tia said...

I still have to restrain myself from screaming out random road signs when I'm with other people...:) Thanks for all of the love and support and for totally setting me up in more ways than one :) I love you guys! You promise never to move away from us right?

Bambi and Adam said...

That is awesome news ! I'm going to go check out her blog right now :)

David and Candice said...

I think this is so great! what a blessing for both of them.-Candice

Perla said...

how wonderful and how exciting!

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