Sunday, July 5, 2009

It's been a fun weekend. We had a barbecue with my siblings on Friday night. Thanks to my sister-in-law, Chris, for sharing this pic of me with our new nephew, Rocco. He's so tiny (I know, Lindsay... you were in labor for over a day... I get it... He's still a very little human being!) He's very calm, as well. He's really a pretty content little guy. It was fun to see the family and Brian and Paige's backyard looks completely awesome. They've put in a great deck and done a lot of landscaping in the last year and a half. It's really come together nicely.

Tonight we went to the Raceway with our friends. Nothin' like people watching at the raceway for a good time. It's like MulletFest but for some reason most of the participants seem to think that it is attractive for your bra straps to be sticking out. Plus, the food at the Raceway must only taste good after a few beers, so since we don't drink....

Anyway, the fireworks were fun. I have to admit, Lee Greenwood ("Proud to Be an American") and Neil Diamond ("They're Comin' to America") still choke me up after all these years.

It's terribly late (or early) so I won't go on, but I'm grateful for America, and for our servicemen and women. God Bless America!


Melissa said...

I have to agree that Neil gets me movin' every time I hear Coming to America! That is a classic! Happy 4th!

mlg said...

Ahh..the raceway is where Scott took me on our first date and we hit it off so well because the people watching was so grand and great conversation starters, we knew we were a match made at the raceway!

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