Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thanks, Jessica!

Our sweet neighbor is putting together a yard sale for our orphanage. And we're not even going to be there because it's the same weekend as the big one at the E-center that we were already signed up to do.

Jessica's never met my babies. She has her own kids to take care of and her own household AND her sweet hubby is off being a soldier. And she still found a way to pull together things to help our kids.

I stand all amazed at people like Jessica.

Thank you for caring about our kids. Thank you for letting Haiti touch you enough that you DO something about it. Thank you for being you.


mlg said...

That is great! Way to go Jessica.

Bambi and Adam said...

Thanks Jessica :)

David and Candice said...

That's so sweet of her every bit helps the O. Thank you Jessica-Candice

geralyn said...

Lori, your kindness is contagious. I am not the least bit suprised that other people do nice things for you, your kids and your O, just because you are you. Thanks soooooo much for the book for Chowder. It made me cry and cry and cry, but happy tears.

Pete and Mare said...

oh, what a wonderful neighbor and friend! Thank you Jessica! ~Marilee

jessica rabbit said...

Thanks, Lori. Your post made me smile. You're so sweet, who wouldn't want to help you and your cute kids??? And thanks everyone for your nice remarks! =)

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