Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I Totally Did Not See That Coming!

People do some interesting, random, cool, bizarre, fascinating things. I love watching people and the way they interact. I don't mind layovers because I'm thoroughly entertained people watching in airports. People are awesome.

I saw a good one the other day. I was driving down a major road in downtown SLC. There was a marked mid-block crosswalk coming up and I could see there were people waiting on the median (not "medium", despite what people in UT say) for traffic to stop.

My car arrived first, so I stopped. The other two lanes in my direction followed suit. When traffic stopped I could see that there was an older gentleman (who could have possibly been homeless) waiting on the side of the road to cross the other way.

So I'm stopped - kids are crossing, Possible Homeless Guy is crossing. When Possible Homeless Guy hits the median he suddenly does this weird twisty thing, flips the double-bird right at me in my car and SCREAMS the Queen Mother of All Swear Words. Then he turns and resumes crossing like there was nothing at all unusual about that little maneuver.

What did I do, you ask? I did three things, really. . I burst out laughing. I immediately upgraded Possible Homeless Guy to Definite Homeless Guy. And I wondered why I'm always by myself when "people" happens.

Maybe I should get one of those police cameras installed on my car...

And did I mention it's 30 days until our trip!!!


R AND R AND Z said...

people are amazing

Bambi and Adam said...

Maybe he is definitely homeless guy with a side of turrets :) The countdown is on 30 more days !

geralyn said...

Your posts always make me laugh. I love your sense of humor.

leadatortilla said...

LOL. Perhaps a webcam and your laptop could sit on the dash?!? We could all see "people" live!!! (I see a new reality show emerging here.

Pete and Mare said...

lol you are sooo great Lori!! lol Oh, for a while Pete used to work downtown for a few different architecture firms and I thought I had some great stories, but that one beats them all. yeah, why is it that we are alone when the strangest things happen??? lol

I have a little confession to make; every once in a while I catch myself feeling a little envious of homeless people resting in the warm sun in the parks... then the reality of why they are homeless and how difficult it must be for them at times sinks in. What a bummer.

Well, thanks for another great story and laugh. Have a wonderful weekend! Mare
oh, now it's 29 days 15 hours 40 min(r's countdown) until Haiti ;0)

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