Sunday, June 29, 2014

High tops

We just bought a part of high tops for Nathan.  He was so excited.

He wanted us to get a pair for Sophia as well, but I told him a 4 yr old didn't need a pair of high tops.

When we returned home, he took matters into his own hands.  This is him drawing and cutting out a pair of high tops for Sophia.  I thought it was cute so I took this picture and went about my night.
Some time later, he came up to me and said, "Look, Mama.  I made Sophia a shoe box."  He'd found a lightbulb box and drawn numbers on the side so it looked like his new shoe box.

"Open it." he said.  

He'd found a pair of his own dirty socks from some dusty corner of the basement and literally glued his cut out high tops onto them so that Sophia could pull her new "high tops" onto her feet.

Seriously, how sweet is that?

Unfortunately, there's no picture of Sophia wearing said "high tops".  She didn't get or appreciate it.  

I think it's awesome.  He's a very kind, loving brother.

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Alissa Ripley said...

So sweet, and he's grown so much! I love the compassion he's so filled with!

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