Sunday, May 19, 2013

Let Me Translate That For You

It is so fun to watch Sophia learn to speak. She picks up new words every day,  One of the issues the other family had was that she wasn't learning to speak  - really she just needs time to figure out things. Every once in awhile she says something and Mama's not sure what it is. Nathan will translate for me and say, "I just spend more time with her, Mom" in that all-knowing tone that only a child can do.

At night at bedtime, Mama rocks her and sings.  She "orders" the songs she wants to hear:  "Sing 'Twinkle Twinkle'"  Her favorite right now is "Give, Said the Little Stream".

I love watching her talk to my parents on the phone. My dad came to the airport to meet her the day they flew home.  It was the night of a massive snowstorm and the flight was pretty late.  Nathan and I nearly spun out on the freeway driving up - so because of the conditions only Grandpa made it up with us to meet their flight.  She has had a special place for "Bampa" ever since.  When we call them at night she likes to tell  them what she did that day, followed by acting it out so they can "see" over the phone.  "Bampa, I jump." [on the trampoline] (she starts jumping up and down).  "Bampa, I slide." [on the slide] (she drops to the floor and starts scooting across the ground in her bottom).

It's a 3D phone experience on our end of the phone.  Pretty cute.

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