Friday, May 17, 2013

Happy Girl

We went to a wedding reception and she's playing with the bubbles in the backseat.

And this is how she sings the "I love Mama, she loves me, I love Daddy, Yes-sir-ree" song.  It's just a lot of "yes-sir-rees"


Alissa said...

Her giggle is adorable, and she really loves her Mommy, precious!


Maggie said...

Yes-sir-ree! What an adorable fam-i-ly!

geralyn said...

SHE IS ABSOLUTLEY PERFECT! I haven't been blogging or reading blogs for about a year so reading about your daughter was fantastic. I just started blogging again after our extreme prejudice that we experienced in North Dakota and at our church. We've moved from there (Thank you God) and I'm just starting to share our new adventures. Reading about the joy in your family was such a treat. I can't wait to follow along on all your fun.

Dianne said...

She is learning so quickly! What a contagious giggle, she is darling!


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