Friday, February 11, 2011

I Come Back for You

Some friends of ours gave us this Fisher-Price car for you.  Somehow they'd ordered two and didn't want to deal with a return.

I'm not sure exactly how that happens, but hey - free car!

Because it's like negative eleventy outside, we have it in the house. In the evenings after dinner you like to get it out and drive it around and around the couch/kitchen island loop.  It's like the Toddler Autobahn.  Dogs beware.  Nate's got his "Flintstone feet" and he's a-going!

I'll say, "Bye, Nate!  Come back soon!" and you'll say, "Bye, Mama!  I see you later!" and then you're off.  Sometimes you say, "I go work.  See you later.  I get you a Jessie's" (that's his daycare lady).

This last week you added to our little game.

Now when you come back around the loop you say, "Mama, I come back for you!" and then you swing open the door to your car and you run as fast as you can to give me a hug.

Oh, Sweetness.  I know exactly how you feel.

Mamas always, always come back for you.

We're flamily.

I love you,


Felicity said...

Ahh. Why does everything you post always make me cry?! He is such a sweet little man! And so blessed to have you as a mama. :)

Brent and Lori said...

Oh, thank you, Felicity! that's very kind of you.
It is completely ridiculous how awesome he is!

Felicity said...

I have to meet him sometime. I just want to kiss his cheeks and squeeze his little body is a great big hug! If you ever need a babysitter, let me know. I'm pretty good with little ones, being the oldest of nine. ;)

Chris said...

Did that baby get another haircut?
What a handsome boy.
What a difference a year makes, doesn't it, Sis?

I'll bet he is a better driver than both Parker and Emma. :)

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