Saturday, November 20, 2010

Thoughts on Food

Dear Sweetness,
I love to watch you eat.

For the first 2+ years of your life, food was neither plentiful nor varied.  You had rice and beans and some chicken.  If you were lucky, you got it twice per day.  Most days you weren't that lucky.

You still eat with your hands quite often.  Mama doesn't push it because you're still so "young" in the "eating lots of things" department.  I love it when you get something all over your hands, and then you stretch back in satisfaction and smear food in your hair in the process.

You should have had more of those days.  You should have been born with those days.

Right now, your favorite foods are yogurt (preferably strawberry but definitely not blueberry) and "masha-tatoes".

Today I was giving you some "masha-tatoes" with all the fixings and you started to scoop some onto a plate that was next to you.  I was just about ready to ask you to quit playing with your food when I heard you say, "One for Mama..." and then you turned back to your "masha-tatoes", took another big scoop and said, "One for Nathan" and chomped on it.  What a sweet boy to think of sharing your favorite food.

You're still growing.  The other night you woke up at about 11 PM and were crying that you wanted food.  You were quite insistent, so I finally got up and nuked a frozen waffle for you.  You ended up eating three, there in the middle of the night.  Apparently dinner doesn't hold you over anymore.

I'm so grateful you're home and warm and fed and growing and happy.

I love you, Sweetness.

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R AND R AND Z said...

So sweet. Z does not share well in fact she thinks nothing of eating the last bite of everything. LOL Hope all is well

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