Monday, November 22, 2010

Movie Critic

Dear Nathan,
I am snuggled up next to you right now, watching "Monsters, Inc".  Every time one of the "bad guys" comes on the screen, you say, "Mama, it's a bad guy?"

I say, "Yes, it is."

And then you say, "That not very nice.  He not listen to his mother.  He need timeout."

And I agree with you wholeheartedly.  Bad guys don't listen to their mommies.  And they do need timeout.

Then the scene changes and you can see the next bad guy and you ask the question again.  It's adorable and I want to squeeze your cheeks.

You're also eating Cheerios out of the bag because you realized, when you saw Boo eating cereal, that we had some just like it and you had to get them.  You call them "Cereals", which is pretty much what "Cheerios" sounds like.

You just put one in my mouth and said, "Want one, Mama?  You're welcome."

Thank you for trying to listen to your mother.  And thank you for making me a mommy.

I love you, Little Man.


Me said...

I love these letters to Nathan-they make me tear up. Isn't being a Mom the best? We're so lucky.

geralyn said...

I love Monsters, Inc. One of my all-time favorites!

Bambi and Adam said...

I love going back & introducing all our fav movies to V. Unfortunately most of them are on VHS. Which ours is broken. I love Monsters Inc. ! Nathan is so tender hearted & insightful :)

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