Friday, January 20, 2012

"Why caterpillars make racoons?"

He means "cocoon" (and I know they make chrysalises, but you try getting a 4 year old to say that)


Mama, When I grow up, can I be a turtle holder?
- A turtle holder?
-(exasperated sigh) You know... the guy what holds turtles!

(thanks... that cleared it right up for me.)
(also, remind me to tell your dad that we can't plan on you supporting us in our old age)


It finally snowed like 3 weeks after Christmas.  Nate was SO excited and ran to the window exclaiming "It's Christmas!"  He was sad to find out that it didn't mean it was Christmas again.

We spent 5 minutes getting him suited up for him to spent about 45 seconds in the skiff of snow before deciding the wind in his face was more than this Haitian wanted at the moment.


Nate was staring at me the other evening.  I asked him what was wrong.  With much joy he exclaimed, "Mama, those lines on your forehead look JUST LIKE train tracks!!"

He's so proud of me.

Then he walked over and used his finger to "choo-choo" across my brow.



Just SO said...

A turtle holder! What a cool job! What a fun little guy you have there.

Anonymous said...

Sophie did something similar the other day. She pointed at the line/wrinkle between my eyes and said, "Look Mama, you have a crack!"

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