Monday, November 14, 2011


Dear Nate,
Tonight you watched something creatures of the sea on TV.  The later you came in and told me that you saw a "huntback" whale while we were at the lake this summer with your cousins.  You also told me that you need "diver pants" and "diver glasses" (meaning "wetsuit" and "goggles") for the next time we got to the lake so you can play with the "huntback" whales.

Then you asked me if the reason fish chew with their mouths open is because they don't have Mommies to tell them to not do that.  I just shrugged my shoulders because I was biting my lip so hard in an effort to not laugh that I couldn't speak.

You are a delight and a marvel to me every day.  You are such a sweet, kind little boy.

Mama was very ill one day last week.  I came home from work and went right to bed.  You said, "Aren't you gonna eat dinner, Mama?" and I told you that my tummy didn't feel well.  You told me that my tummy hurt because "it was Jesus telling me I need food in my tummy".  (no idea where that came from)

I fell asleep and a few hours later I felt little arms wrapped around my head.  You were rocking your torso back and forth as best you could while laying beside me.  I said, "What are you doing, Sweetness?"  You said, "I rock you, Mama, so you can feel better."

I took you grocery shopping with me last week.  Each time I'd step across the aisle to get something from the other side of the shelves you'd push the cart over to the side where I was now standing and say, "Here, Mama. I push it so you not haffa reach so far."

I love you, Sweet, Sweet Little Man.

Thanks for letting me be your Mama.

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Paige said...

Smarter than some of my junior high students. Thanks for sharing the moments that we don't get to see.
love you.

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