Sunday, March 6, 2011

Well, When You Put It THAT Way....

Dear Son,
We live in the valley at the base of the beautiful Mt. Timpanogos.

I love this mountain.  I love it in all seasons.  I love watching the sunrise over it and the sunset upon it.

When I lived in Florida (which is very pretty but FLAT) I missed this mountain.

I've been trying to help you appreciate this mountain.

Sometimes when we're driving and the sun is setting, I'll point it out to you and tell you how pretty it is.

Sometimes I point out the mountain when we're clear across the valley and I make you say, "Hi, Mountain."

I want you to appreciate how beautiful this world is.

The other day, we were driving to Grandma's.  She lives in the city right at the base of the mountain.  So we were driving along and the mountain was RIGHT THERE out the window and I was saying, "Nate, isn't that a pretty mountain?  Mama loves that mountain.  She thinks it's beautiful."

From the back seat, I heard you say, "Mama...." (in hindsight, this is where you were thinking, "how do I break this to her")

"Mama, it just DIRT."


Felicity said...

What a practical little man you have there. That is just cute! :D

Lynnae said...

How Funny!

Jennifer said...

When I was little, my grandparents told me the legend of the sleeping woman. They had a huge picture window looking out on Mt. Timp,and under that window was a painting of the mountain, and of the sleeping woman and her partner kneeling over her. Mt. Timpanogos is my very favorite mountain.

Nathan's right though...

Lore said...

Oh, way to funny! I do the same thing with my boys and I have yet to hear "'s just DIRT" You have one very insightful little guy there!

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