Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Our Political Best

I'm starting to worry about the intelligence of our leaders.

We're in the process of submitting green card paperwork for Nathan.  We have to get all that done so that we can get a SSN so that we can claim him on our taxes so that we can apply for the adoption tax credit before they kill it off entirely.  (I smell a request for a tax extension coming on)

First, there's the form.  I think they called it an "I-693".  When you print it, the form is 6 pages and the instructions on how to fill out the form are another 20 printed pages.

When the last page of the instructions came out of the printer, my eyes fell to the bottom section that explained how this form fell under the jurisdiction of the "Paperwork Reduction Act".  I guess I'm lucky that I got the "short" 26-page version of the form.

Then there's the section of questions that you have to answer.  Granted, the form expects that you're not three-years old.  I get that.  I do.

I just happen to think it is completely ridiculous that they make you answer questions like "do you plan on committing espionage while in the United States".  Seriously, how many spies answer that 'yes'.  Let me rephrase that... how many "successful spies" answer that "yes"?  I thought it was pretty much a given that if you were willing to SPY on someone else that HONESTY isn't high on your list of personality strengths.

They wanted to know if Nate was sympathetic to the Nazi Government of Germany between the years 1933 and 1945 .  Yes, the question lists those years.  Do we really still get a lot of green card submissions for former Nazi sympathizers?   Let's say, hypothetically, that a person is 20 before they really figure out their personal governmental leanings.  That would mean the youngest of that group is celebrating their 86th birthday this year.  I'd imagine that those that happen to still be surviving don't travel much, what with the bad hips and such that come from being EIGHTY-SIX.

And then at the end of the form, they have a section for the submitter to sign.  I wanted to add a post-it that says "applicant is THREE and cannot write his name", but I didn't.

At least they found a way to make things work within the laws so we can finish this process for him!


geralyn said...

Sad, but oh so funny!

mlg said...

I have been holding off waiting for the conference call to clear things up and hoping they have changed their minds and have actually come up with an easier way, but I am just dreaming. Keep us posted on the process have you done the civil surgeon visit yet?

Q said...

LOL! Hope the rest of the process is not so cumbersome!

R AND R AND Z said...

We are waiting for the call too Michelle. I have called the civil surgeon in our area and talked with them to get an idea of cost and what to except. And yed Lori at least there is an end in sight

Kylie said...

I am a New Zealand national living in the US and you don't even want to get me started on the forms this government makes you fill out just to keep a valid visa and work permit. My husband is here on my visa, wouldn't be able to be here unless we had proven multiple times we've been married and yet, his work permit got turned down last year because the government felt we hadn't proved without a doubt we were married - we needed to furnish them with wedding photos and a testimonial from our marriage celebrant in addition to our marriage license and joint bank statements, mortgage statements and an affidavit from our lawyer. And people wonder why we won't be renewing our visas when they expire next year....
I hope you have better luck with Nathan's paperwork!

BCD said...

I just submitted our son's Green Card application. The civil sergeon, pictures, birth certificate, I-94, and on and on. Boy was it ridiculous and they did get it, I tracked it, but they haven't contacted me yet and that was Monday! I am right there with you on this one.


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