Sunday, December 26, 2010

Team Hope Book Update

Hi, kids,
For those of you that care, I'm working on the Team Hope book.

The pricing with is such that I'm editing right now to try to cut it back to a reasonable amount.  I ended up with 200 pages and that's nearly $50 per book!  I've looked around at other options and there don't seem to be a lot of choices for "self-published" books with full color photos.

With if you want a copy you can order one.  I don't have to take orders and deal with all that jazz. And if you want hard cover you can do that and pay more - they take care of that.

I'm trying to get it down to under 160 pages (which is $39.95 for a soft cover 8 X 10).  Still a lot, but this is literally a once in a lifetime event.  (and all the money goes to  This isn't a fundraiser, if you were wondering)

I've taken articles and images from the Team Hope blog and added some pictures from Chareyl.  I'm trying to keep enough in there to capture what we were going through back home - not knowing what was happening with our children - and still tell the story of our friends like Harry and Guesno.  Hopefully it will be something you'll treasure.

Hope to have it ready to order soon.


mlg said...

That will be great! Can't wait to see it! I do that every year for my blog and I was at 200 pages this year (2009). Thanks for doing that I know it is a lot of work.

Caleb said...

Check your Facebook post about this - I sent you some info about publishing at BYU.

Bambi and Adam said...

Awesome Lori !THANK YOU for taking the time & energy to put it all together ! We will definitely be ordering :)

Julie said...


This is amazing. I know how much work it is. I make several books of our family photos every year. We will definitely be ordering at least one. I am trying not to forget all the details of that unbelievable time. So great to read how well Nathan is doing with you and Brent.

Julie (and Matt) Maurer

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