Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Ply! The Ply!

My sweet son is apparently terrified of bugs.  (I think he gets it from his dad.  Brent doesn't "do" spiders.)

There's a house fly here in the office today.  Nathan keeps yelling that the "ply" is going to "get you a Nathan" (get Nathan).

Thanks for being such a sweet little bug, Little Man.


geralyn said...

Give him a fly swatter and let him go after the thing. That might keep him busy for a day or so. Mine still call them by their Creole name of Moosh, which sounds so refined for a simple insect.

Julie said...

Elliott HATES bugs too-he has a lot of scars on his arms and legs the dr. thinks are from bug bites. Mostly its just the flying kind but a big black fly almost landed on him a few weeks ago and he about went nuts. I like the fly swatter idea, I'll try that-maybe giving him some control and the joy of killing the icky things will help!

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