Monday, June 14, 2010

Micro Waves

Tia posted a few days ago about Collin's fear that the big black box on the wall won't give his food back.  He doesn't get why Mama feeds it before she feeds him.

Nathan's pretty much the same.  Doesn't understand the microwave, doesn't want to wait for whatever Mama's waiting for, just wants FOOD and NOW.

I've tried explaining it to him, but well... he's TWO.  Logic and English are lost on him quite often.

I thought we'd finally had a breakthrough, though, last week.   I'd warmed up a bowl of Asian noodles and veggies for him for lunch.   He was eating and playing and playing and eating, but he seemed to really like the noodles.

About 20 minutes later, he gave me the bowl back (which was now mostly just veggies) and pointed at the microwave and very clearly wanted me to put the bowl back in the microwave.

I felt the veggies and they were cool, so I thought, "Wow!  He finally gets it.  He wants them warmed up again!"

I nuked it for a few seconds and handed the bowl back to him.  His excitement as I took the bowl out of the microwave was obvious.

He looked at the bowl, and looked at me, and back at the bowl and said, "Mama... where noodles go?"

Oh, sweet friend...  The box on the wall doesn't magically PUT the NOODLES in the BOWL.  But bless your sweet heart for thinking that it did.

That WOULD be an impressive piece of machinery.

And we're back to square 1 on explaining what the microwave actually does for his food...


Bambi and Adam said...

That would be awesome ! Especially since I am no Betty Crocker !

corilee said...

So Cute!

Nikki said...

What a sweetie! That's so funny. Thanks for sharing!

Kat - said...

I think all you can do is do what I had to do with my kids at that age to get them to understand the stove, oven, and the microwave... let them see that the food (and let them see all of it that you put in the dish to heat) is cold by touching/tasting it (within safety guidelines of that food, of course)... then put it in and when you take it out, show them that the food is now warm... and eventually, they realize that the magical pieces don't just make it take longer or put the food in there... they just make it warm.

Tia said...

At least it wasn't followed by "Be nice Mama!" :)

leadatortilla said...

The Jetson's had such a machine... why hasn't modern technology gone this direction? It would make so many things MUCH easier! Cute post!

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