Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Updates and Stuff

For all the pictures on this blog, there isn't one of "the family".

Let's fix that, shall we?

We're visiting B98.7 tomorrow morning at 7:50 AM to talk about Haiti and HLAH with some of our other friends from the O.  If you're in the area and available, feel free to tune in.

Todd and Erin (the morning DJs on that station) are big supporters of Hope.  They have their annual "Todd's Yard Sale" this weekend at the E-Center and Hope is one of the charities that is being supported through their fund raising efforts there.

I ♥ them.  Thanks, Todd and Erin (and the Aitkens, who made them aware of all this in the first place!)

Come by on Saturday and see us!

Nathan has a fascination with the letter "W".  Actually, the sound of the name "W", I guess, is more appropriate.  He doesn't actually know what a "W" is (he is only 2, after all) but we've been singing the Alphabet Song with him (among other things)  He really likes the way that sounds though because I'll find him singing "Double-yoo.... double-YOO" to himself all the time.  


It's also awesome to see him play with his food.  That's a big change from the starving little Haitian we brought home a few months ago.  And when I say "play with his food", I mean "PLAY".  There were car tracks from the El Camino on the piece of cheese that he didn't want during dinner tonight.  


Yes, he still loves his El Camino.  I think it's adorable.


My dad has an enormous aquarium in his front room.  Nathan and I went to visit Grandma and Grandpa last night.  Nathan loved the fish.

Tonight, I was looking at a picture book with him.  I turned the page and there were some fish on the page.  He said, "Grandpa" then shook his head and said, "fish".


Have I mentioned he's adorable??


mlg said...

Love the family picture! Good luck with the radio interview and the yard sale I hope it goes well!

Q said...

Yes, Nathan is adorable! Good luck with the morning show and yard sale this weekend.

Bambi and Adam said...

Love the family picture ! Happiness is... :)

David and Candice said...

I love that family photo it has been alot of work to get it done:) but so worth it. we love you guys Thank you for coming to the radio station with me you are so great with your words. Tell brent to get better and we hope to see him on saturday.Nathan is so darn cute:)-Candice

Chaoyi said...

Love the picture!!

leadatortilla said...

tee hee! I love the "grandpa & fish" story... in fact, I love all your stories. Keep sharing. Love the picture too. Thanks for sharing your smiles with me today!

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