Monday, June 10, 2013

"National" Competition

Driving in the car.  From the back seat, Nathan says, "Mama, Haiti is bigger than China, right?"

"Umm... no, sweetness.  No.  China is much bigger than Haiti. Remember how we talked about Haiti being an 'island'?  China is much bigger than the island that Haiti is on."


"But Haiti has more people than China, right?"

"No...  China definitely has more people than Haiti"


"But Haiti is further away than China, right?"

"I have an idea!  Let's play another game, OK, Sweetness?"


Rachael said...

Hahahaha :)

Janette said...

So cute!
My bishop asked me to speak to all the priesthood holders in our ward about how they can help their wives avoid the comparison trap. As I've been preparing, your women's conference talk keeps coming to mind, but my notes are woefully inadequate. I would love a copy of the real thing. Would it be possible for you to email it, please?

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