Saturday, July 17, 2010

Things That Make Me Smile

Brent has this supplement that's supposed to give you a full day's nutrition from vegetables or something.  It supposedly has a "New Green Apple Flavor" but I think it tastes like DEATH.

He mixed some up the other day and of course, Nathan wanted some because he always wants what you have.  Brent put a bit in a cup and Nathan eagerly slurped it down.

Then he made a face and said, 'That's TERRIBLE".

The only time we've heard him use that word but it was CLASSIC!

 I have this firm foam roller that I use to stretch my back.  It's about the same length as Nathan and 6-8 inches across, maybe.
I usually use it after Nathan's asleep.

The other day he and I were in my room at the same time.  I arched my back, put my lower hand on my back and said to myself, "Man, my back is killing me."

From across the room I heard, "Nathan get it!"  He ran to where I store the roller, pulled it out (even though it's the same size as him) and laid it on the floor.  Then he patted it and said, "For Mama... Right here."

I think I cried just a little bit at how completely sweet and lovely my little boy is.

Nathan's Nursery leaders sing different songs than I do.  The other day after Church I heard him singing to himself, "E-I-E-I-Nathan!"

(He moved on to "E-I-E-I-Mommy" and "E-I-E-I-Grandma"... just that part. I"m not sure what the rest of the song is for him... )

And finally... my mom sent me this link the other day.

The author pretends that the pictures in catalogs are from a real house, inhabited by a couple named Gary and Elaine and she points out how completely ridiculous things would be if you actually tried to LIVE in the "perfect" house.

It's good for a laugh.  Enjoy!


leadatortilla said...

Love all the stories and that website is a hoot... thanks for giving me some extra reasons to smile today! I'm envisioning the "that's TERRIBLE" and it leaves me giggling.

Bambi and Adam said...

So funny ! & it definitely makes you smile :)

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